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Demo: 4 Word Formatting Tips That Will Whip Your Manuscript Into Shape!

Hey all! Happy Monday! Wow–wait a minute! Monday? We never post on a Monday. Guess what, peeps. There are some changes afoot here in The Nerd Garden. Starting this week, our posts will release on Mondays and Thursdays. We’ll still be posting twice a week, but we’re changing up the days so we can best

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The Big Unveil: The Amazon Fire TV Stick

Hey guys! TGIF. As you know, Steph and I recently canceled our cable and have been on a major streaming kick lately. Earlier in the week, we showed you our Roku Streaming Stick. This evening a package arrived here at The Nerd Garden. Yes! It is what you think it is. The brand-new, Amazon Fire

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Revved Up For Roku

Okay guys, as promised! Hold onto your couches and remotes. It’s time for Steph and Aaron’s take on the Roku.    

3 Essentials For Cord-Cutting

On Tuesday, we blogged about our experience with cutting the cord. Next week, we’ll be starting two-part video review on some streaming devices. But, before we go there, we thought it would make sense to review the top three things you’ll need for cord cutting. Our original expense for Telephone, Internet, and Cable combined was

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Cutting the Cord

Cutting the cord? What does that mean? Cutting the cord is all the rage these days. If you aren’t already in the know, you’re probably asking asking yourself: “What cord? What does that mean?” The cord-cutting trend refers to people who are canceling their cable television subscriptions. They’re using the Internet to stream their favorite TV

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Sharing Files On Your Brand New Cloud

Picture this. It’s Saturday at 9:30a.m. Your mother calls. “Hey, Mom.” “Don’t you ‘hey’ me. Whatever happened to those bicycle relay race pictures you were going to send me?” “Well, I sent you the download link last week, Mom didn’t you get that?” “How did you send it to me? The mail?” Okay, let’s just

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How To Compile The NextCloud Client For Linux

Hey there, Internet peeps! Steph and I have been discussing cloud storage. Last week we introduced a shared solution that we love here at The Nerd Garden. NextCloud. We even showed you how to setup your NextCloud server. This week, we’re going to help you put all that cloud awesomeness to use. Sure, you can

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A Cloud Of Our Own / #NextCloud

Happy Friday! Man, that took long enough, didn’t it? Good thing we’re sharing a new project with you in time for the weekend. On Tuesday, Steph shared a “home cloud” solution with you, called NextCloud.  If you haven’t read it already head on back to A Cloud Of Your Own. As promised, we’re going to

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