How To Buy A Laptop

(When You Know Nothing About Buying A Laptop) You guys know how it is… You need to buy a laptop for your college freshman, yourself, whomever. You walk into a retail store and BAM! You come face-to-face with a pushy salesperson who treats you like an idiot. Worse? You end up leaving with some expensive

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Calling All Nerds! Check Out Our Trailer!

Welcome to geeks one and all. Want to know what we’re about, here at The Nerd Garden? Check out our trailer. We can’t wait to get to know you.

Tech Luv Thursday: The End Of An Era / #MacBook / #Apple

From the moment I took it home from the Apple store, I loved my MacBook Pro. It had everything I ever wanted in a laptop. Still, the road was bumpy at times. It eventually needed a new battery and a power cable. I replaced both of those without complaint. It would be the video controller that

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Tech Luv Thursday: Why This Die-Hard Scrivener User Said Goodbye

Welcome back to another Tech Luv Thursday where I talk tech for writers and more! If you’ve followed these posts, you know that I’ve been a serious Scrivener user for the past four years. How serious? People have complained about Scrivener at different writer’s events that I’ve attended in the past. I’d be the one standing up

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Tech Luv Thursday: Note Taking Revisited / #Evernote

Welcome to another Tech Luv Thursday, folks! Last year I did a post about my favorite note taking apps. The pretty clear winner for me at the time was Simplenote. It’s a great app. It doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. It’s fast. It syncs with Scrivener. Also, for those of us who

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Tech Luv Thursday: Five Reasons I Sold My Kindle

A couple of years ago, on a cold day in December, I opened up a box of happiness. It contained my Kindle Fire HD. This device would be responsible for almost completely converting me to ebooks, something I never expected. After all, I loved the feel of a new book, the way the spine cracked

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Tech Luv Thursday: Data Loss Drama

Background Backing up data is important to me. Yeah, that’s putting it mildly. I’m not obsessed exactly, but when it comes to making sure I don’t lose my information, I probably take more steps than the average person. Especially, since my livelihood depends on it–you can’t publish books if you lose your manuscripts. Here’s a breakdown of

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Tech Luv Thursday: Word Formatting Tips For Writers

Hello and welcome to another Tech Luv Thursday! This is place where I love to talk tech. Sometimes this features tech intersects at Writing Avenue and sometimes it doesn’t. Today’s one of those days where I just had to focus on my writing friends. Keep in mind, though, that any Word user might find a gem

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